Tips to Make New Hire Orientation a Success

If you’re a business owner, you know what a pivotal role your employees play in your success. In order to ensure that your new hires get started on the right foot, you want to ensure that their orientation goes as smoothly as possible.

If new hire orientation is a topic you’re unfamiliar with, here are some tips that will help you properly educate your new staff and get them pumped up about their new endeavor with your company.

Make it Friendly and Upbeat

Yes, you have a lot of information to share with your new hires and you want the orientation process to go as quickly as possible; however, making them sit through boring lectures and shoveling a ton of information at them all at once can seem cold. Plus, taking this approach will likely stress them out.

Take an upbeat and friendly approach to orientating your new employees. Make it personal and fun. Be interactive and engaging. Introduce yourself and be approachable. Open up the floor and allow them to share information about themselves. The more friendly and upbeat your orientation is, the more information your new hires will retain, and the more excited they will be about working for your company.

Offer Fun Activities

Let’s face it; nobody likes to sit through a boring lecture filled with monotonous presentations and slideshows. While you completely eliminating lectures and presentations may be impossible, you can certainly step up the fun factor by interjecting some fun activities into the employee onboarding process.

Offer some engaging team building exercises. A scavenger hunt, a game of Mad Libs, or even a photo booth filled with props can make orientation a lot more exciting and enjoyable. You’ll not only set the tone for a fun experience working for your company, but you will also break the ice and promote interaction between your current staff and your new hires.

Nourish Them

A great way to keep your new hires motivated and alert, and just to tell them that you appreciate them, is by serving them food and drinks.

Stock up on healthy foods and drinks, such as trail mix, fruit and veggie platters, cold cut trays, water, fruit drinks and tea and coffee with all of the fixings. Invite your new hires to dig in throughout the orientation process. You will find that their energy levels will remain much higher, and so will their excitement for getting started working with your company.

Follow Up

Don’t think of your new hire orientation as a single event, but rather as an ongoing process. After your main orientation, during which you will welcome your employees and present them with valuable information, make sure you follow up. Arrange group or one-on-one meetings to follow up with your new hires. During these meetings, welcome any questions they may have and promptly provide them with the information that they need. Having follow ups will ensure that your new hires are in the know, that they have everything they need to succeed, and that they feel welcome and comfortable in their new role.

First impressions go a long way. Offer your new hires the best orientation process possible, and they will be sure to give you their best in return.